A Place Where Quality
Is Set in Stone.

Offering Porcelain Tiles, Handmade tiles, Mosaics, Art Accents, and More Since 1986! 

Pacific Tile Supply

Tiles and Stone Products
in Anchorage, AK

Established in July 1986, Pacific Tile Supply is an Anchorage-based company in Alaska specializing in the import and distribution of porcelain tile, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and specialty tiles. With a large inventory of a range of products, we represent factories worldwide to offer high-quality tile and stone products for residential and commercial owners.

What We Offer

In Anchorage, we stock every item needed from start to finish for every tile project. 

Pacific Tile Supply

Bring Your Design Vision to Life

At Pacific Tile Supply, we will help bring your design ideas to life providing a design that is uniquely yours. If you have design elements like blueprints or paint swatches, please bring them when you visit our showroom. We have the highest quality tiles and natural stone to add sophistication, elegance, and luxury to your living space. Visit our showroom today!

Pacific Tile Supply

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We bring you a world of quality in our choice of designs, expert craftsmanship, and materials designed to fit your space. We have a selection of over 5,000 unique tiles in our showroom! So what are you waiting for? Shop our 200+ colors and patterns collection to find the perfect tile you’re looking for! Contact us at Pacific Tile Supply if you need any assistance.

Pacific Tile Supply